1. Well, this is the end?

    It has been nice blogging with you guys but this blog isn’t doing what it used to.. if that makes sense

    however I’ve not left tumblr entirely, so if you can find my other blog, you’re free to follow again or just simply do anything you want

    it’s not exactly hidden very well xD

    This is only a goodbye- until we get the chance to meet again once more~

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     MNET PD's Choice Award goes to B.A.P

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    Jurassic Park by Brandon James Scott

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    Pyo watching Zico perform


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    By groene_inkt

  7. do not edit.

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    antidotes to a bad day/when you don’t feel loved

    • clean your room. i mean really clean it. wash your sheets, vacuum, change the curtains, break out the oxyclean and get the stains out.
    • call an anonymous number that’s set up for secrets and stories. tell the number everything or make up a story or cry or do whatever you need to say outloud and tell someone who actually won’t tell a soul (imboycrazy’s 8886662045 is a good one)
    • have someone around for tea. take care of them and indulge them with your very best cooking.
    • if you can’t have someone over, skype and play word games.
    • talk to your mom. talk to her about your bad time, or ask her about her day. pick up the phone or go downstairs and reconnect.
    • memorize a song from a band you like but have never really listened to.
    • listen to someone talk about things that don’t involve you. NPR is good.
    • take a walk.
    • drink a bunch of cool water.
    • pull up youtube videos of yoga and do some.
    • make yourself look as lovely as possible, regardless of who’s gonna see you. dress up. be beautiful or handsome or anything.
    • wear your favourite clothes.
    • listen to starfucker and watch adventure time.
    • eat well. either indulge in a frozen pizza or be on your feet cooking for two hours- no middleground.
    • fold paper cranes, because if you fold 1000 you get a wish.
    • write letters to anyone, or no one, or yourself, but write letters. it’s hard at first but before you know it you’ll be writing pages.
    • smell good.
    • take a nap.
    • watch whatever makes you laugh, even if it’s tactless. who gives a fuck?
    • change your computer background to something new.
    • learn the difference between lonely and alone.
    • learn the difference between patience and being desperate. respect yourself.
    • even if you one you love most doesn’t love you back, know that by loving them in the first place is doing the most beautiful and selfless thing in the universe, and it’s not wrong.

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    Hyuna is so cute <33 Follow for more hyuna <33

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    4Minute: Hyuna - The Bling Magazine (2)

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    4Minute: Hyuna - The Bling Magazine (1)

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